Drum roll, please! MALICE IN MAZATLÁN was published in November 2022 and is now available on Amazon (and soon everywhere) so download the Kindle eBook or order the paperback today!

If you’ve already read MALICE IN MAZATLÁN, first a huge Thank You! Second, it would be great if you wrote an Amazon review to help me promote the book!

I’m currently writing two novels at once because who needs sleep! VANISHED IN VALLARTA will be the third novel in the Mexico Mayhem series, featuring Eladio Ortiz and Jade Mendoza from MALICE IN MAZATLÁN. The duo is searching for Jade’s missing little sister and in the hunt for a human trafficker. You’ll also meet Raptor, and a villainous reptile, both looking for victims in Puerto Vallarta.

My second WIP is REDNECK RANCH, which will be the first book in my Stonebrook mystery series and is set in the fictional town of Stoneybrook, Oregon. Most of you know my son, Derrick, died five plus years ago and I felt a need to create a character to honor him. In REDNECK RANCH, Deputy Sheriff Derrick Stone works alongside his cousin, Sheriff Wyatt Stone to catch a serial killer stalking women in Stoneybrook. And of course, the story has a kickass heroine, Harley Harper, who moves to Stoneybrook and buys the Redneck Ranch, complete with an array of engaging animal characters, including Buckeye, a hen who thinks she’s a rooster.

I so love the writing process and can’t wait to finish and publish these two books in October!

Also, if you sign up below for updates, I can let you know when and where the Book Events for MALICE IN MAZATLÁN will be held. And my writer’s coalition, Northwest Independent Writer’s Association holds several book events throughout the year. Not to mention the release dates for both VANISHED IN VALLARTA and REDNECK RANCH. Stay tuned!!!

Hope your holiday season was magical and blessed and that the New Year is off to a great start for all of you!

Kimila Kay


I’m excited to announce an open house at Barnes & Noble in Medford on Saturday, February 18th from 2:00-4:00 pm to celebrate the release of MALICE IN MAZATLAN. There will be books for sale, a short reading at 3:00, followed by a raffle. I am very blessed to be able to launch this novel at…


Peril in Paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! I had the pleasure of doing a reading at The Living Room Bookstore & Cafe and am blessed to now have new readers!!! A dream come true and I can’t wait to do the same for Malice in Mazatlan!!!

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What’s in the hopper …

I am currently polishing Malice in Mazatlan, plotting Vanished in Vallarta, and writing the first draft of Redneck Ranch.

Malice in Mazatlan introduces Kaitlyn Graham who travels to Mazatlan to escape the fallout from her fiancé’s affair with one of his co-workers two weeks before their wedding. Kaitlyn is looking for a little fun in the sun and finds more than she bargained for after a night of dirty dancing with handsome FBI agent, Christopher Temple.

Vanished in Vallarta follows Jade Mendoza as she searches for her baby sister who’s been abducted. By whom, Jade has no idea, but fears Ezme has been taken by a human trafficking ring that ships people far and wide. Jade finds herself working with Eladio Ortiz, a Federale who joins her quest to find Ezme and shutdown the trafficking syndicate.

Redneck Ranch is the first novel of the Stoneybrook Series, which is set in Oregon and features lovable characters, quirky animals, and … A demented serial killer.

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