10! X! Diez! Ten! Ten more chapters and I’ll be finished with the first draft of MALICE IN MAZATLAN. It’s very exciting to know the journey for Katelyn, Christopher, Sarita, and their cast of supporting characters, is coming to an end.

I love to read, and I find it interesting that writing a novel for me is similar to reading a good book. While I have a basic outline for my novel; including the beginning, middle and end, formatted in my mind, I love how the actual writing process takes on a life of it’s own, creating twist and turns I hadn’t thought of. Especially, Sarita … Oh, the things she does!!!

Typing “The End” is exciting, but there’s still work to do. Once the first draft is done, I do another read through, layering in interesting quirks, fun facts, and, if it’s possible, expanding Sarita’s devious character.

My favorite story editor, Jeanne Silaski, will then catch those annoying story/plot errors that writer’s are prone to do despite all efforts to write a clean story. Once Jeanne works her magic and I make those changes, then the draft is off to line editor extraordinaire, Joyce Wise, who will fix all the missing commas, wrongly translated Spanish, and over use of the phrases: as he, she, they . . .

So, yes, it takes a village to craft a novel worthy of readers. And I can’t wait to share MALICE IN MAZATLAN with all of you!!!

Have a great week ~ Kimila Kay

Published by Kimila Kay

Kimila Kay lives in Donald, Oregon along with her husband, Randy, her adorable Boston Terrier Maggie, and a feisty black cat named Halle. Her professional accomplishments include three anthologized essays in the CUP OF COMFORT series. In three separate contests, PERIL IN PARADISE, has won two first place awards and a third-place award in the romantic suspense category. Kimila is currently a member of a writing critique group, Northwest Independent Writers Association (NIWA), Willamette Writers, and Windtree Press. PERIL IN PARADISE is the first novel in a planned cross-cultural series, which will include Malice in Mazatlán, Vanished in Vallarta, Chaos in Cabo, and Lost in Loreto.

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